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Can it serve as a replacement for traditional casts or braces?

The Exo360® Wrist falls somewhere between casting and surgery. Making it similar to a cast or a brace in appearance while offering very high fracture stability.

Is each unit of this product tailored to individual patients?

The Exo360® Wrist is not be individually customised. Thanks to our adaptive material, we produce the Exo360® Wrist in standard sizes (S, M, L, XL). This approach allows clinicians to use it immediately, straight off the shelf, without needing extra tools.

Is 3D printing technology used in production?

Yes, the Exo360® Wrist is currently produced using 3D printing technology, though at larger scales this is called, Additive Manufacturing, and while it is somewhat possible to print using personal 3D printers, our manufacturing partners utilise industrial-grade printers to ensure our product's utmost quality. These units are undergoing rigorous testing to ensure durability and high performance in all use cases.

Why would the Exo360® Wrist not be custom printed at the hospital?

While it is technically feasible, producing Exo360® Wrist in hospitals presents challenges. The time required to print, potential printing errors, and the extensive training needed for clinicians to operate and maintain high-quality 3D printers are significant hurdles. Our aim is to simplify and support clinical workflows, not complicate them. While hospital-based printing may be a future possibility, our focus is on immediate patient aid.

Can patients remove the Exo360® Wrist  themselves?

Removal of the Exo360® Wrist is not a self-service procedure. It is securely locked by a healthcare professional (doctor or nurse) in the emergency room and can only be removed with a special key by a qualified professional. In emergencies, household tools can be used for removal, but this will damage the Exo360® Wrist, necessitating a hospital visit for a replacement.

Is the Exo360® Wrist  recyclable?

The Exo360® Wrist   is currently made from two types of plastic. Once separated, these materials can be broken down and repurposed for other uses. We are actively exploring more material options. In collaboration with our production partners, we are committed to achieving a fully recyclable product and will not compromise on this environmental responsibility.